World's First 3D & 2D Paranormal Investigation Series

Jack - AnomalyEach one-hour episode of Anomaly follows lead investigator Jack Kassewitz as he applies breakthrough research on interspecies communication to paranormal phenomena. If there is a spirit world connected to ours, Kassewitz believes that bridge can be documented, measured, and explained.

Jack, Hawk - AnomalyKassewitz isn't a "ghost hunter". He's an expert in acoustics, a published scientist, and an Emmy-winning investigative journalist taking viewers on an intense adventure into reportedly haunted historic locations.

Our proprietary full-spectrum 3D nightvision cameras peer through the darkness and see what the human eye cannot. And what they capture in High-Definition 3D is startling and completely unique in paranormal television. 3D puts the viewer in the dark, creepy, tension-filled rooms with our paranormal investigators like no other visual experience can. We want our audience to saddle up on the couch, slip their 3D glasses on, turn out the lights and come along for the ride.

Anomaly is truly reality paranormal television. Nothing is faked. Nothing. Every EVP (voice) from the ghost box is captured on site in real time. Unexplained footsteps, shadow figures, and much more really happen. Anomaly's consulting producer and host assures that all of the evidence is gathered and analyzed with scientific rigor.

The Anomaly universe also includes small-screens and social media. An innovative social media application for iOS and Android devices invites viewers to download evidence for anomalies discovered during each episode, review it in detail and discuss it with other viewers.

Control Room - AnomalyAnomaly is produced by Majestic 7, a ground-breaking production and content-creation company founded by veterans in media, stereoscopic imaging technology, location-based entertainment and research science. Our proven team has provided content, production services and technology to some of the most successful and influential media companies around the world, collected accolades such as a National Emmy award, National Emmy nominations and more than 25 Regional Emmys, and authored 12 patents on stereoscopic content acquisition and digital distribution.

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